Strat Project

Lately I’ve really had an itch for another strat. Since my last two Warmoth projects have turned out so well, I decided to go this route again. This time around I don’t have the time or the patience for the finishing process so I’m going to have Warmoth take care of that for me. I saw this Mary-Kay white, chambered swamp ash body and pulled the trigger. I’m going to go with the six screw Gotoh 510 solid steel bridge (pictured below). Right now the body is being routed for the bridge and H-S-S pickup configuration. I can’t wait for it to ship.

2 Replies to “Strat Project”

  1. Is this a roasted swamp ash body? I need to see how Mary Kaye will look on roasted

  2. This body is from 2011. That was a long time before they started doing roasted bodies. I bet that would look good, but I haven’t seen one either. It may be worth asking on the unofficial warmoth forum.

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