Klein Copy: Part VI

I did a little wet sanding on the satin clear coat this week. …..and sure enough I went right through some of the clear coat and white stain. I was really frustrated when it happened, but honestly it’s not too bad and I’ve decided not to sand any further and re-stain the area.


Now it’s a relic!

Due to the extra space between the bridge pickup and mounting ring, I decided to paint the cavity black. Taping off the body was simple and so was cutting out the cavities with an X-ACTO knife.

The tape helped protect the finish, but I was hoping for a cleaner tape line when I removed it. Painting the bridge pickup and tremolo routes were the goal. I ended up painting the the neck pickup route because of my OCD; there is absolutely zero benefit in this this since the pickguard will cover it.

I’ve put on a lot of coats and I’m hoping to wrap up the finish this week. Once the pickguard gets here and the clear coat to cures, I can buff out the finish and start assembling the guitar.

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