New ROC-POT4 in My RMC 3

She’s a beauty

I’ve had my RMC3 for almost 15 years now and I still love it. This really is one of the best Wahs on the planet. I love how it comes w/ a bunch of “famous” wah settings e.g. Hendrix, Shaft, Cry Baby, etc. It sounds silly but several years ago I really had to cover Shaft on a gig. All I did was plug-in Geoffrey’s settings and low and behold it was perfect. Pretty cool.

These days I don’t really do the typical wah-wah-on-every-note-you-play-thing. I don’t really like that sound. I go for more of a slower sweep or filter w/ a lot of delay or tremolo. It always sounds awesome. For the past 5 or so years now I’ve just left it set on the Wizzard Wah settings:

SWEEP=6,7    ON

Original pot

Over time though, it’s gotten a little noisy and the pot has been cracking some. Cleaning it with contact spray seemed to help for a while, but I finally figured it was time to either replace the pot or get a new wah. I really like how Geoffrey Teese supports his pedals. He’s always very responsive via email, and sends components very quickly. About five years ago I replaced the switch on this pedal, and he made process completely painless. Anyway, I got the new pot a few days ago and it was incredibly easy to install, maybe 10 minutes w/ soldering. Luckily for my bank account replacing the pot seems to have made it good as new!

The newer versions of this pedal have all the controls accessible from outside the case so it’s much easier to tweak on the fly. I highly recommend taking a look at one of these if you’re in the market for a great wah.
With the new pot installed

4 Replies to “New ROC-POT4 in My RMC 3”

  1. Hi there, Ben,

    I’ve recently adquired a second rmc3 for my other band project (awesome wah). The pot is so scratchy that I’m considering to replace it, just as you did. The thing is that those pots seem hard to find. I would deeply appreciate your help. Could you enlighten me on where to seek them?

    Many thanks from sunny Murcia, Spain


  2. Hey Guillermo,

    I recommend just sending an email directly to Geoffrey Teese. You can find it on his website. He’s super helpful and kind. I’ve reached out to him several times and he’s really great.
    Good luck with the pedal and congrats!

  3. Hilarious. I just checked the photo and thought I’ve been doing it wrong for many years now! I pulled out the manual and confirmed that’s correct. I cracked open my RMC3 excited to hear what I’ve been missing out on. …..only to find the switches are in the right place. :) They look backwards in the picture, but if you could see the height of the switch in person it makes more sense. Really funny. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Cheers

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