Naylor Duel 60

After a four month wait I finally got my Naylor Duel 60 amp and 1×12 cab. ….It was worth the wait. The amp sounds incredible and is surprisingly versatile. It’s difficult to describe the sound, but overall it’s very smooth, thick, punchy, and responsive (how’s that for a generic tone description?). The drive channel is what put Naylor on the map as one of the first boutique amp companies in the early nineties. It’s a very Marshall’esq overdrive, but a lot fuller sounding. It’s hard to describe, so let’s just say it’s what I always wanted Marshalls to sound like. vThe clean channel, accessible via foot switch only, sounds great too. The bite switch makes a big difference over the “type” of tone. In the off position it’s a very dark, thick jazzy sound. The down position, which is my current favorite, adds a nice fendery jangle with more presence. The up position is extremely bright and would be great for some Nashville chicken pick’n. My favorite thing about the clean side is how well it takes pedals. My collection of overdrives all sound fantastic in front of it. They don’t sound anywhere as good as the dirty side, but I can cover a wide range of tones with this rig. Basically, any tone I would need for a gig. So far I’m extremely happy with this purchase and I hope to get some recorded tracks soon.

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  1. Would love to hear that clean tone with a strat if you’ve got any recordings?

  2. That’s a really good idea. I’ll definitely do that when I have time. Thanks!

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