Tele Neck Refinish

I was so pleased with the results from refinishing my bass neck that I decided to do the same to my tele. This neck originally had a Tru-oil Gunstock finish on it that I sanded off. It was my first expieriment with finishing and it didn’t go very well. In hind sight, I think I may have bought a defective bottle. I remember the oil being more like a tar that was incredibly difficult to spread. Honestly this was about 12 years ago so my memory is not to be trusted.

I used 320 grit paper for sanding, and used a damp paper towel to raise the grain periodicaly. It did not take very long to get this neck prepped.

The oil was very easy to spread, and I followed the same process as the previous neck. 3 coats, pass with 0000 steelwool, 1 more coat, pass w/ steelwool, final coat, and final pass with steelwool. Then I added two coats of the gunstock wax and reassembled the guitar.

Shots between coats of the Tru-oil:

sanded to raw wood
1st coat of Tru-oil
2nd coat
3rd coat
4th coat
5th coat

The finish builds nicely and each coat blends perfectly. The steelwool between coats really helps knock down any rough spots and dulls the sheen a little bit.

After the wax and in better light

The finish is now complete and feels incredible. It’s fast, smooth, and yet it still feels like wood. I really don’t like thick, glossy finishes on necks and this is a great option to protect the wood without loosing the feel.

bolted back on the body and looks great

The guitar plays and feels incedible now. I’m really glad I did this and have been enjoying the guitar.

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