Guitarists and Bands I’ve Seen Live and Those I Intend to See

Last weekend I subjected my sweet wife to a Winger concert. It may not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done for my marriage (interpret that however you like), but we did have a good time. Growing up, I always enjoyed Reb’s guitar playing and it was really cool to get to see him live. The experience made me feel like I should document the shows I’ve seen before I forget about them with time. The fact that I waited until age 37 to do this means I’m probably forgetting about a number of shows. Regardless, these are the most memorable shows that I can remember off the top of my head:

Guitarists I’ve Had the Privilege to See Live:

Eric Johnson (5 times)
Tim Miller (~8 times)
Nuno Bettencourt (Schizophonic tour & Generation Axe)
Steve Lukather
Ben Monder (2)
Pat Metheny
Bill Frisell
Mike Stern (2)
Leni Stern
John Scofield (2)
Kurt Rosenwinkel
John Ambercrombie
Pat Martino
Monte Montgomery (5)
Michael Manring
Allan Holdsworth (2)
Guthrie Govan
Greg Howe (3)
Eddie Van Halen
George Lynch (2)
Steve Vai (2)
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci (3)
Reb Beach
Paul Gilbert (2)
Andy Timmons (~10)
Joe Holmes (with Ozzy)
Marty Friedman
Stanley Jordan
Kirby Kelly
Walter Becker
Derek Trucks
Nile Rodgers
John Stole
Robben Ford
Rhett Butler
Ian Moore
Manuel Barrueco
Chris Carrington
Yngwie Malmsteen

Brent Mason

Bucket List Guitarists I Really Want to See:

Jeff Beck
Wayne Krantz
Larry Carlton
George Benson
Michael Landau
Scott Henderson

Other Notable Concerts I’ve seen:

Steely Dan (5)
Michael McDonald (2)
Boz Scaggs
Steve Winwood
Kool and the Gang
Earth Wind & Fire
Michael Brecker
Joe Lavano
Kenny Wheeler
Lover Boy
LA Guns
Collective Soul
Depeche Mode
The Pixies
The Cure
Garbage (2)
No Doubt
Counting Crows
Sugar Ray
Weezer (2)
Michael W Smith
Kirk Franklin
David Meece
3rd Day
A Perfect Circle
Ozzy Osbourne
Dream Theater (3)
The Misfits
Failure (3)
Year of the Rabbit
Keith Urban
Imogen Heap
Black Crows
Pearl Jam
Maroon 5

3 Replies to “Guitarists and Bands I’ve Seen Live and Those I Intend to See”

  1. You crack me up dude! I have added you to my feedly and I am now tracking your progress on documenting shows. My first show was Bad Religion and you make me feel like I need to write it down now :-)

  2. Heh thanks. Yeah I’d love to. I got to visit the 55 Bar in ’99, but that was before I knew who he was. Cheers,

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