The fatback has arrived

The strat neck came in yesterday afternoon, and it looks great! I ended up going with a birdseye maple neck/fingerboard. It’s also a fatback cut, which is pretty thick but not too much. Other specs are stainless steel 6155 frets, abalone inlays, Schaller locking tuners, and a Tusk nut. Warmoth did a much better job with the frets on this one than my previous two; there isn’t a single high spot on the neck. The wood grain is also just what I wanted. My only complaint is the inlays don’t look as good as my other necks, but everything else makes up for it.

Strat Project

Lately I’ve really had an itch for another strat. Since my last two Warmoth projects have turned out so well, I decided to go this route again. This time around I don’t have the time or the patience for the finishing process so I’m going to have Warmoth take care of that for me. I saw this Mary-Kay white, chambered swamp ash body and pulled the trigger. I’m going to go with the six screw Gotoh 510 solid steel bridge (pictured below). Right now the body is being routed for the bridge and H-S-S pickup configuration. I can’t wait for it to ship.

About done…..

From bass

It’s pretty much finished. I had some problems w/ the pickup wiring, and had to take it to a local tech to fix. It turns out that one of my grounds was bad. For some reason the potentiometers from Warmoth are very difficult to get solder to adhere to.

I got these great string guides from Hip Shot. They cost way too much money for what they are, but…….. they’re functional and let’s face it, they look cool too.

From bass

Bass Progress

From bass

Progress has been a little slow, but I’ve been taking my time and enjoying the process. I think the oil based finish looks pretty good; it’s more impressive under certain lights and less under others. I’ll be posting more pictures here

Warmoth Bass Project

Lately, I’ve been getting the itch to do some more home recordings, and I always feel a little guilty borrowing friends’ basses. I’ve been so happy w/ my Warmoth Tele that I decided to build another one. Like all the gear I own this will end up being somewhat unconventional. It’s a P bass body that will have J bass electronics. It’s also going to have a maple fingerboard (because I’m obsessed with that sound). I’m pretty excited about the new project. ….more posts to come.